Marketing News – What’s The Frequency?

It might be hard to believe based on what you see, but some marketers are trying not to inundate people with the same ads over and over.

This so-called “frequency capping”—a strategy growing in popularity—is easier said than done. How much is too much? It depends whom you ask. Research suggests the optimal number varies by medium, category, objective and type of ad. Then, even if you have a number in mind, tools to enforce that cap are inconsistent.

Individual brands, however, are giving it a shot. Procter & Gamble, for one, says it tries not to show its digital ads to people more than three times a month. But realistically, people may see some of its TV ads more often than that, especially on cable, where there are a lot of repeated shows. And some researchers believe three isn’t enough anyway.

Facebook research, done in conjunction with Oracle and based on tracking sales response to ads for packaged-goods products, finds the ideal average exposure frequency is one to two impressions weekly over at least 10 weeks for a campaign. That’s according to Lisa Barnes, marketing science partner at Facebook, who revealed the findings in a September presentation to the Advertising Research Foundation’s ShopperXScience conference in Chicago. That suggests an ideal of four to nine exposures monthly, and in some categories, even more may be optimal, Barnes said. While she did not name specific categories, she said categories where the purchase cycle is short may do better running ads more frequently over a shorter period.

Shared on November 13, 2018

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Danielle Price

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