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UC Irvine Health uses content to power marketing across multiple channels

Driven by a passion for innovation and grounded in the best medical and scientific knowledge, UC Irvine Health is consistently ranked among the nation’s leading hospitals and is the only university-based care provider in Orange County, Calif. Motivated to connect as deeply as possible with their community and patients, and to differentiate their brand vis-à-vis regional competitors, UCI engaged Moon Tide to develop a cross-platform and truly connected family of branded media with storytelling at its core. Much more than a campaign, our partnership today is an enterprise-wide engagement and a case study of how brands can effectively use content to power their marketing in all channels. It includes everything from microsites and magazines to web-based films and outdoor media planning.

The Anti-Cancer Campaign Puts People at the Heart of the Story

As the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in Orange County, Calif., UC Irvine Health combines leading-edge research, clinical trials and world-class care for its patients. The hospital team brought Moon Tide in to help expand its second year of The Anti-Cancer campaign, centered around the idea of “Join the Fight.” Picking up where year one left off, we built a microsite for the hospital highlighting doctor, researcher, patient and care-taker stories. Combined with striking photography and documentary films, the stories focus on the power of a strong research-backed medical organization and how patients are better served when researchers work side-by-side with doctors.

Reaching a Targeted Market

Throwing great content on a website wasn’t going to help anyone unless we could drive the right people to experience it. We sought out to identify and understand the mindset of consumers throughout Orange County. Current patients, higher-risk individuals, care-givers, affected family members and even doctors themselves would all benefit from being exposed to the UC Irvine Health content. Based on our discovery, available resources and the geography of the region, transit media and digital offered the best combination of targeting and broader market exposure to drive to The Anti-Cancer microsite. Bus shelters and various bus units were placed in locations and routes serving neighborhoods with the highest concentration of prospective customers. Competitive hospitals were also targeted to ensure their patients and care-providers had an opportunity to learn more about UC Irvine Health.

Influencing the Community to Live Well

UC Irvine Health tasked Moon Tide with revamping its existing magazine. Wanting to be seen as a smarter healthcare option, Moon Tide created Live Well, a three-times a year publication aimed at apprising the hospital’s community of the comprehensive healthcare services available right in their back yard. Combining patient stories and a focus on research with shorter articles with true take-home value, the magazine aims to capture the attention of the potential patients and family members, putting UC Irvine Health at the top of their healthcare decisions.

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