When actor and entrepreneur Chris Hemsworth set out to create a state-of-the-art wellness app, Moon Tide was approached to create a brand that captured Chris’ holistic outlook. With stakeholders around the globe and a short timeline to launch, the project was layered with complexities. Our job was to establish a name, logo and visual identity that would speak to audiences around the world who are equally interested in fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.


Through our discovery process, we knew that the brand needed to harness Chris’ global appeal while also standing apart from one of the world’s biggest stars. We wanted to speak to enthusiasts of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness and clearly relate the benefit of combining these elements in a centered, holistic approach. Authenticity, approachability and the benefit of community needed to flow through.

We developed the brand Centr to evoke the power of an individual’s journey and commitment to wellness. The soft crescent logo and wordmark evoke a process that’s never truly complete and appeal to a user who sees herself as always “in the making”.

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